Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Life

About a week and a half ago I planted some impatiens from seed in a large clay pot on my front porch. This pot was given to me by the students in the second grade class I student taught six years ago. Of course I killed the original plant they potted - but that was before I turned over my new leaf, pun intended. Forgive its faded and chipped paint - sentimentally, it's beautiful.

I've blindly gone about watering, not really knowing if I was drowning it, washing out the seeds, or if I had even planted the seeds correctly, with too little or too much dirt covering. Did I mention yet that I'm winging this stuff?

Yesterday, while out inspecting my recently planted assorted containers, I casually glanced at my pink pot to find this:

Life! It lives! All together I counted 11 sprouts. Let's see if I can manage not to kill them.

~The Kinder-Gardener


  1. THAT IS SO EXCITING! (sprouts)
    Eleven in a single pot - you are bound to lose some, and some people would say that early on, pick the weakest ones to go (or try transplanting them...) so that your strongest ones can remain and will have a better chance. Looks like a large pot - perhaps would be an adequate home for 2-3 adulte plants - just from what I think I can tell in the picture.

  2. woo hoo!! you did it!! I can't wait to see them used a clay it would be hard to over water too the pot is porous and will let the moisture out easily! Welcome to gardening...and to my blog list!!

  3. A clay pot will need to be watered every day in the summer and when it gets really hot it may need it twice a day. Great job getting those seeds up. The difference between a good gardener and a bad one is that a good one will keep watering something that looks dead and they will try try again. Just don't give up. You learn with every failure and that makes it a win.