Friday, June 26, 2009

My first Fertilizer Friday!

It's Fertilizer Friday! What's that, you ask? You can visit Tootsie here (or by clicking on the picture below) to see all the happy flowers and plants who are well-fed every Friday.

I'm excited to be joining in the fun this week for the first time. This morning I added a little Miracle Gro to my watering can and fed my plants. I don't have many flowers to flaunt because my garden is so new and because most of what I'm growing are vegetables, but I can see lots of growth so I'll flaunt what I got.

Here is the tiny emerging bloom on my tomato plant. Color me clueless: does this mean it's about to begin bearing fruit??

Here is my zucchini - I will post (eventually) from the planting of it so you can see before and after, but trust me, this baby is growing. I planted so late and it's been so warm here, so I pinched off several blooms it had in the first week, but now, since doing so, it seems to have really taken off with growth.

This is the poor rose bush I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Look at this beauty! It know it's leggy, but it's too late to do anything about that for this year. I've been feeding it, and it really seems to be revived!

My lavender was almost dead when I planted it. The grower just gave it to me in fact because it was on it's way out. I've just watered, fed, and given it plenty of warm sun -which it loves - and there's new growth for it too!

Lots of brand new leaves on my impatiens. The flowers are mostly gone right now, but they bloom again every few days so I'm not worried about that.

Yay! Thanks for visiting my first Fertilizer Friday! And thanks Tootsie for getting me regimented about it!


  1. Yes you will have a tomato where the flower is growing. Beautiful color rose. Water, water, water those impatiens, give them miracle grow every week and they will get huge!!!! Nice post.

  2. you have done a great job with the "foster" plants you saved from the grower!!! good for you! you have a nice garden coming here!!! thanks for joining...I hope to see more soon!

  3. Happy FF to you!
    See that fertilizing thing really does do the trick!!!(-: I have seen my garden grow better this year then ever before!!! I was not a faithful fertilizer until I met Tootsie(-:

  4. Yup, I used to fertilize the first weekend of every month, which helped some, but the weekly fertilizing is making a huge difference. I use MiracleGro too. As much as love flowers, veggies and hrbs are what makes my heart really go pitter-pat. Good luck with yours!

  5. I always wondered why my mother-in-law's rose bushes and other plants were so much bigger and more beautiful than mine. When I asked, she told me that she uses Miracle Grow when she waters her plants. (I'm not sure how often)Of course, I've known the solution for prettier plants, but I am so lazy!! My poor plants are malnourished. I guess I should try a little harder...

  6. I like the way your garden is coming along, especially the mix of vegies and flowers, I love to have both too! I am a newbie gardner as well but now it's becoming quite an obsession!

  7. @ Darla: Thanks for confirming for me. Now I'll be on bloom-watch! And I will do just as you suggest for the impatiens - I can't wait to see them flourish!

    @ Tootsie: FF is so fun! I'm a believer - you have countless testimonies every week in pictures, along with all your followers.

    @ Cindee and Jacki: Happy FF to each of you!!

    @a la parisienne: Your "malnourished" garden blows mine out of the water, so even without food, you're still a gold-star gardener in my book! Just imagine what getting in the FF habit would do for them!

    @ raxx: Agreed - the obsession I never knew I had in me!