Friday, July 3, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

Happy Fertilizer Friday everyone! Be sure you drop by Tootsie's blog to admire everyone's well-fed gardens today!!

Okay, last week was my first, and I am a believer!! My veggies LOVED their food so much! By mid-week I could already tell a difference. Wow, wow, WOW! I found that Friday couldn't get here soon enough this week so I could treat my babies to another round of Miracle Gro.

My yellow squash has just about doubled in size over the past week or so! Even the one that had been eaten up is doing so well!

For comparison's sake, this was the squash one week ago! Can you say WOW?

My zukes look hardy and healthy! I see a bloom or two starting to come up - I don't know if it's really ready, but I guess we'll find out.

Again, zukes one week ago. [big grin]

My hanging bell pepper really had a good week. It's suddenly got so many new leaves and a small handful of tiny peppers starting. Should I pinch these off too and wait for the next round? The bell peppers in the tub also have new growth, but not as much as the hanging pepper.

My only real disappointment for the week is my tomatoes. The one bloom I had last week never opened up and seems to be turning brown now. And not another bloom in sight. Phooey!

And another beautiful rose! Now that I'm paying so much attention to this poor rose bush, it's all I can do to ignore how badly it needs pruning!

My impatiens sure got leggy this week. I need to read to find out if
that's one I should prune to help it keep its shape.

That's all for this week. I can't wait to see what another week will yield! I'm heading over to Tootsie's place to check out everyone else's gardens!


  1. Wow, your squash, zukes, and peppers are looking great! And your rose is such a beautiful colour. The pepper in the topsy-turvy looks really good - not a full size mature plant, but definitely large enough to support fruit. I wouldn't pinch back.

  2. Very nice, give your tomatoes some epsom salt, the blooms are not opening due to lack of calcium. Happy FF! and have a great 4th!


  3. Everything looks great to me except the captions - I'm seeing little pictures but apparently others are seeing words because they are commenting on what you said. I think it's this dang new windows update screwed everything up. But I was able to highlight and a thingie came up for me to translate the little pictures I was seeing. Strange but it worked because I see you mentioned having trouble with your tomatoes and Cathy gave a suggestion. This is scarier than my gardening! ;-)

  4. @Jacki - thanks for the kind compliments and for answering my question about the peppers. I sure do hope they grow to be nice and big!

    @Cathy - I'll give the epsom salt a try! I think I even have some around here. Hope you enjoy your 4th as well!

    @RainGardener - I'm giggling because I had such a fit with those stupid captions... so I don't think it was just at your end. I tried to format them differently from the rest of my post so they'd stand out more. I made them a different font and smaller, but when I realized it was really too small to read easily I tried to undo that formatting. It didn't work. I gave it several tries before giving up, so I apologize you had a hard time being able to see and read them. I'll know to leave well enough alone next week!! Glad to see you over here!

  5. Okay - I played around with it some more and I think I fixed the captions where they're easier to read now. :)

  6. looking good girlfriend!!! I love my miracle really does kick the plants into action! thanks for linking in...can't wait for next week!!!

  7. Hi there!! followed you over from Tootsie's! I smiled at your profile because it sounded like you were describing me!! I am a newbie as well and have this newfound love of gardening!

    Nice meeting you, and your veggies do look great!

  8. Wow! Miracle Gro really did the stuff! Cool! ~ Robyn

  9. Fertilizing really does make a difference huh? Your plants are looking great!!!!

  10. Your veggie's are looking great. Thanks so much for coming by. :)


  11. fertilizer makes a HUGE difference!
    since I started fertilizer friday I can tell a huge difference in mine too!